Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

Transform the dirty rafters and exposed nails of the underside of your deck…

… into waterproof, maintenance-free pre-engineered ceiling product that expands your outdoor living space.

Create a finished look to the underside of your deck. No more visual clutter from exposed nails and dirty deck boards.

The patented aluminum panels channel water away from the home, keeping the area below the deck dry and enjoyable for outdoor living. The specially designed panels and deep water brackets have been tested and approved to handle over 15” of water an hour.

Enrich your space with Color

With woodgrain and solid color finishes, you’ll be able to create an outdoor living space that reflects and expresses your personality.

Our color palette includes five distinctive painted wood finishes choses for their unique species, grain and color; and seven rich matte finishes chosen for thier visual temperatures and rich hues.

All colors shown are mechanically reproduced and may vary slightly from actual color.

Made in America

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